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News Collection

European Public Health Week: GÖG-Colloquium | Greener pharmaceuticals: policies for an environmentally sustainable pharmaceutical system [May 2024]

Health Expert for the Pharmacoeconomics Department at the Austrian National Public Health Institute (expired)

Austrian partners contributing to making EU healthcare sector procurement practices more effective and resilient [March 2024]

Procure project [February 2024]

Survey with medical device (MD) and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) manufacturers and authorised representatives [December 2023]

Studies in the field of medical devices [June 2023]

Study on Public Procurement of Medicines [June 2023]

European Public Health Week: Local production of pharmaceuticals as measure to overcome medicine shortages [May 2023]

ASCERTAIN: New Horizon Europe research project to improve the affordability and sustainability of innovative health technologies [February 2023]

Publication of the PPRI Pharma Profile for Norway 2022 [December 2022]

Oslo Medicines Initiative: technical reports on innovation and transparency [September 2022]

Redesignation as WHO Collaborating Centre until 2026 [June 2022]

Policy brief on net price transparency [May 2022]

European Public Health Week: Webinar | Wake up: Building resilient pharmaceutical systems [May 2022]

Publication of the PPRI Pharma Brief Italy 2021 [November 2021]Survey with medical device (MD) and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) manufacturers and authorised representatives

Comparison of prices of high-cost medicines in Austria and Europe [October 2021]

Article on Biosimilar Policies in Europe [August 2021]

Publication of the PPRI Pharma Brief Cyprus [July 2021]

Comparison of Prices and Affordability in Latin America and Europa [July 2021]

Assessment of centralised procurement of medicines in Portugal [May 2021]

Online Summer School Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Policies [May 2021]

Fact sheet on financial burden of medicines from co-payments and protective measures applied in European countries [May 2021]

VALUE-Dx Report on HTA, Reimbursement and Pricing of Diagnostic Tests for CA-ARTI published [April 2021]

Report on Novel policy options for reimbursement, pricing and procurement of AMR health technologies published [March 2021]

PPRI Pharma Brief on Spain published [December 2020]

WHO Study on Cross-Country Collaborations [June 2020]

Medicine shortages: International evidence and recommendations for Germany - new report [May 2020]

Policy options for antibiotics and diagnostics in the field of AMR (anti microbial resistance) [May 2020]

Postponed! Summer School on Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Policies 2020 [April 2020]

PPRI Report - Comparative analysis of pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement policies in 47 countries [Dec. 2019]

Brief Pharma Report Austria 2019 published [Dec. 2019]

Presentations are online: 4th PPRI Conference - 23/24 Oct. 2019 [Oct 2019]

Sabine Vogler - Winner of the 2019 Helen Clark-JoPPP Award [July 2019]

Synergy Masterclass on " Procurement, tendering and decision-making processes in the hospital setting" [June 2019]

Workshop - Combatting Corruption and Promoting Equity in the Health Sector, UC San Diego, July 10 - 11, 2019 [May 2019]

GÖG as partner in EU project to fight antimicrobial resistance through diagnostics [April 2019]

PPRI Pharma Profile of South Korea published [April 2019]

PPRI network extending to EECA (formely called CIS) countries and beyond (Russian speaking) [Feb. 2019]