Publication of the PPRI Pharma Brief Cyprus 2021

The PPRI Secretariat produced an up-to-date concise report of the pharmaceutical system in Cyprus: The “PPRI Pharma Brief Cyprus 2021” describes on a few pages the institutional policy framework related to pricing, procurement and reimbursement of medicines and recent developments. The Brief (in English) also includes a summary in Greek. In addition to the textual description, a graphic visualisation is provided.

Read more: PPRI Pharma Brief: Cyprus 2021

This PPRI Pharma Brief on Cyprus is part of a series of PPRI Pharma Briefs that the PPRI Secretariat launched in 2019. It aims to respond to the interest and needs expressed by policy-makers and experts to read concise country reports.

In 2019, the series was started with the publication of the Austrian PPRI Pharma Brief, and in 2020 the PPRI Pharma Brief: France 2020 and PPRI Pharma Brief: Spain 2020 were published.

Further PPRI Pharma Briefs based on the expertise and inputs of PPRI network members are planned to be produced in the months and years to come.