About us

Our research, policy-advice and capacity-building activities center around the topics of price information, pricing policies and reimbursement of medicines: experts of the GÖG Pharmacoeconomics Department, a WHO Collaborating Centre for Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Policies, have been working for more than two decades on pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement in Austria, Europe and the world.

Pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement information (PPRI) is the name of one of our flagship projects; more broadly, it describes the thematic focus of the Department’s activities.

The experts of the Pharmacoeconomics Department have been performing research in the areas of medicine prices, pharmaceutical (pricing and reimbursement) policies and comparative pharmaceutical system research, and, more recently, research activities have been expanded to medical devices.

Team members have been involved in policy-advice for governments in Europe, Central Asia and further regions. Capacity-building activities include trainings (e.g. Summer and Winter Schools), tailor-made seminars for policy-makers and supporting networks of public authorities responsible for pricing and reimbursement of medicines. Dissemination is done through scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, technical reports and methodology documents as well as participation in congresses and organization of conferences.

The Pharmacoeconomics Department is affiliated to Gesundheit Österreich GmbH (GÖG), the Austrian National Public Health Institute.