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We are a provider of medicine price information from European countries.

Pharma Price Information (PPI)

The ‘Pharma Price Information’ (PPI) service offers, at request and for a charge to cover the experts’ working time, reliable price data of medicines and molecules defined by the clients for European countries.


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FAQs related to the Pharma Price Information (PPI) service

Which countries are covered by the PPI service?

The Pharma Price Information (PPI) service provides medicine price information for all 27 European Union (EU) Member States, Norway, Switzerland and the UK.

How can I access PPI?

The PPI service provides requested price information in line with the data needs specified by the client.
Kindly contact the PPI experts:

The PPI service does not provide online access to a price database.

In your request, kindly specify the medicines or active ingredients / ATC code, and countries you are interested in. Further specifications (e.g. all or specific strengths and pharmaceutical forms, all or specific medicines of an active substance, such as the originator, the highest-priced generic and the lowest-priced generic, date of the price data – most updated data or data of the last year) are appreciated.

How do the results look like?

We supply the results in Excel format. Here you can find a sample query.

How much does the PPI service cost?

The quote depends on the scope of information to be provided (e.g. number of countries, additional information) and is calculated for each request.

For instance, price information for one product in two strengths, one pharmaceutical form and for all pack sizes costs EUR 84 (excl. VAT) per country.

We are pleased to provide you with a price proposal for your information needs. Kindly contact  

Why is PPI not provided for free?

PPI is a service: the PPI team members survey and compile the requested price information at highest levels of quality.

The costs charged by PPI are to cover the working time of the experts.

Where does PPI source its price information from?

Medicine price data provided through the PPI service are sourced from officially published list prices in the countries covered by the service.

I am interested in consumer prices. Does PPI offer this information?

Standard PPI results (see also a sample PPI query) comprise information for different price types: ex-factory prices, pharmacy purchasing prices (wholesale prices) and pharmacy retail prices (consumer prices) excluding and including value-added tax

Additional price types (e.g. official reimbursement prices) can be provided at the request of the client.

Does PPI offer information on discounts?

As a new PPI service component, we offer information on ex-factory prices reduced by mandatory manufacturer discounts for those countries where applicable.

Mandatory discounts provided by the pharmaceutical companies to the public payer(s) are statutorily laid down in national legislation of a few European countries, and these discounts can be considered in the PPI results. Kindly note that PPI price information relates to official prices as commercial discounts cannot be provided due to their confidential character.

Does PPI provide different price data for different pharmacies within a country?

With very few exceptions (e.g. for non-prescription medicines in some countries), medicine prices in the countries covered by the PPI service are statutorily regulated and are the same across the country.

I do not know the national trade names. Can PPI help?

It is sufficient if you provide the name of the active ingredient and ideally of the ATC code. The experts of the PPI service will search price information for the respective trade names in the requested countries.

I am interested in specific molecules or therapeutic groups. Can PPI help?

Kindly indicate the ATC code and/or the active ingredient you are interested in.

How updated is the price information provided by PPI?

The PPI service includes the latest officially published prices of each country. Usually, PPI is able to provide price information of the same month.

Does PPI also provide historical price information for time-series analyses?

If requested, for several countries, the PPI service can provide historical price data. Kindly ask our experts.

How does PPI deal with exchange rate fluctuation?

Price information is provided in national local currency or in Euro, as specified by the client. If the price data are indicated in Euro, the PPI service bases the conversion on the average monthly exchange rate of the previous month as published by the Austrian National Bank.

I am interested in further information on medicines, such as market availability or reimbursement status.

The PPI service also provides this type of information where available. Please indicate which kind of information you require.

I am interested in results of (cross-country) medicine price analyses.

The PPI service is affiliated to the Pharmacoeconomics Department which publishes several medicine price analyses and comparisons. For further information please see

If you are interested to commission a medicine price study, please contact us at either via or

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