PPRI network organisation

The PPRI network is based on three pillars:

Values and working principles

The PPRI network is characterized by mutual trust and common understanding as well as shared values and principles. The common goal of the PPRI network is to contribute affordable, equitable and sustainable access to safe, effective and quality essential medicines, through the efforts of their national members in their countries. This is done, among others, through sharing good practices and less successful experiences within the network and disseminating key lessons learned through research publications of the PPRI secretariat and policy advice provided by experts of the GÖG Pharmacoeconomics Department.

The PPRI network is an informal network and does not publish position papers.

PPRI network members are highly committed to actively contribute to the PPRI network, particularly by providing information and sharing experiences at PPRI network meetings and webinars as well as in response to PPRI network queries. 

In addition, PPRI network members have been contributing to building a knowledge base on pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement in their country by writing PPRI Pharma Profiles (i.e. country specific reports on the pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement system) or producing topic-related posters.

All contributions of PPRI network members are made without any financial compensation. The inputs are provided on top of the daily work-load of the members of the network. 

‘The value of the network as a global model remains very attractive.’
(Richard Laing, interview during the evaluation of the PHIS project,
a sister project of PPRI building on the experience of PPRI)