Supporting networks

In addition to the large core PPRI network, sub-PPRI networks (such as the Russian-speaking EECA PPRI network as an example of a regional PPRI network, the PHIS network as part of the ‘sister project’ Pharmaceutical Hospital Information System’ (PHIS) on hospital medicines or the PPRI Medical Devices network as an example of a thematic sub-group were established.

The PPRI secretariat has the expertise on how to set up and, even more importantly, maintain targeted thematic or regional networks. PPRI tools are available and can be adapted.

If national authorities in the field of pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement or supranational institutions are interested in enhancing and formalising cross-country collaboration and consider the ‘PPRI model’ as possible approach, they are encouraged to contact the PPRI secretariat for further discussion and advice:

PPRi network