Marketing authorisation under exceptional circumstances

Services provided by a health care system to a population. They include:
- Hospital medical services aimed at curing, restoring and/or maintaining the health of a patient: surgical services, medical services, gynaecological and obstetrical services, rehabilitation services, psychiatric services, other hospital services (medical, pharmaceutical and paramedical services, nursing services, laboratory and technical services including radiological and anaesthesiological services, etc), military hospital services; prison hospital services
- General medical services: services consisting of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment by doctors of medicine of physical and/or mental diseases of a general nature, such as consultations, − physical check-ups, etc. These services are not limited to specified or particular conditions, diseases or anatomical regions. They can be provided in general practitioners’ practices and also delivered by out-patient clinics, clinics attached to firms, schools, etc.
- Specialised medical services: consultation services in paediatrics, gynaecology-obstetrics, neurology and psychiatry, and various medical services; surgical consultation services; treatment services in out-patients clinics, such as dialysis, chemotherapy, insulin therapy, respirator treatment, X-ray treatment and the like; • functional exploration and interpreting of medical images (X-ray photographs, electrocardiograms, endoscopies and the like).
- Dental services: orthodontic services, e.g. treatment of protruding teeth, crossbite, overbite, etc., including dental surgery even when given in hospitals to in-patients; services in the field of oral surgery; other specialised dental services, e.g. in the field of periodontics, paedondontics, endodontics and reconstruction; diagnosis and treatment services of diseases affecting the patient or aberrations in the cavity of the mouth, and services aimed at the prevention of dental diseases.
- Deliveries and related services, nursing services, physiotherapeutic and para-medical services: services such as supervision during pregnancy and childbirth; supervision of the mother after birth; services in a field of nursing care (without admission), advice and prevention for patients at home, the provision of maternity care, children’s hygiene, etc.; services provided by physiotherapists and other para-medical persons (including homeopathological and similar services); physiotherapy and para-medical services are services in the field of physiotherapy, ergo therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, nutrition, etc. These services are provided by authorised persons, other than medical doctors.
- Ambulance services: services involving transport of patients by ambulance, with or without resuscitation equipment or medical personnel.
- Residential health facilities services other than hospital services: combined lodging and medical services provided without the supervision of a medical doctor located on the premises.
- Other human health services n.e.c.: services provided by medical laboratories; services provided by blood, sperm and transplant organ banks; dental testing services; medical analysis and testing services; other human health services n.e.c.

Last update: 20 June 2023

Source: PPRI