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Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Information

Since October 2011 the PPRI website is no longer maintained.

Please refer from now on to the website of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Policies:

PPRI Report

On about 140 pages, the PPRI Report informs the reader about the objectives, work packages and outcome of the PPRI project, and offers a comprehensive analysis on the underlying health care and pharmaceutical systems, on pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement policies as well as rational use of pharmaceuticals in the 27 PPRI countries, based on the country reports written by the national experts. 22 boxes with country specific examples illustrate the findings.

Have a look at the table of content!

Download here the PPRI Report (without Annexes).
The PPRI report is also available in a print version for a print charge of € 50. For ordering we politely ask you to contact Ms. Misar (, Tel: +43 1 51561-126).

Please note that the PPRI Report contains two Annexes: Annex I covering the PPRI Pharma Profiles, and Annex II provides PPRI Tools and Reports.

The PPRI Pharma Profiles of Annex I can be downloaded under the next section Country information

The PPRI Interim Report was published in May 2006.

The Needs Assessment Report is included in the Interim Report.