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Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Information

Since October 2011 the PPRI website is no longer maintained.

Please refer from now on to the website of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Policies:

GÖG reports

GÖG/ÖBIG is a research institute in Vienna, Austria, established by Austrian federal law. GÖG/ÖBIG has expertise and knowledge on pharmaceutical systems (reimbursement, pricing, distribution) in several European and non-European countries and has carried out several studies on pharmaceuticals, often international analysis and comparison. See the list of publications at the GÖG/ÖBIG website In case you would like to order a print version of one of the reports, please contact Ms. Misar ( Selected GÖG/ÖBIG publications regarding pharmaceutical policies are as follows:

  • The Austrian Health Institute (GÖG) commissioned by DG Enterprise published in May 2011 the report "Initial investigation to assess the feasibility of a coordinated system to access orphan medicines". The report can be downloaded from the website of DG Enterprise.
  • The WHO Collaborating Centre for Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Policy at the Austrian Health Institute has collected information and data for the WHO Pharmaceutical Country Profile Austria, which was endorsed by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health, but has also been involved in the feed-back process regarding the outline, indicators and glossary of this new profile. Please download the WHO Pharmaceutical Country Profile here.
  • The Austrian Health Institute has published a German glossary on key pharmaceutical terms in the in- and out-patient sector. Please download the Pharma glossary.
  • In June 2010 the Austrian Health Institute has published the folder »The Austrian Health Care System – Key Facts«, which gives the reader a brief yet comprehensive overview of the Austrian health care system. Please download the English folder or the German folder.
  • The Austrian Health Institute has published a report on »Measuring the Performance of the Austrian Health Care System (2010)« (only available in German). The Austrian performance report presents a systematic international comparison of health systems, based on selected indicators. The intention is to identify strengths and weaknesses of the Austrian health system as well as highlighting information (data) gaps. Please download the performance report here.
  • Commissioned by Austrian Federal Ministry of Health, the Austrian Health Institute published the report Understanding the Pharmaceutical Care Concept and Applying it in Practice, with the aim of presenting an understanding of the integration of the pharmaceutical care concept within a health system, by identifying concrete pharmaceutical care practices which could serve as good practice models for other countries. A two-step methodological approach was undertaken, which included a literature review and a case study survey.
  • GÖG/ÖBIG is the project leader of the EU-funded project PHIS (Pharmaceutical Health Inforamtion System), which has published the PHIS Hospital Pharma Report. The report offers an overview on purchasing policies and financing strategies for medicines in the in-patient sector in 27 countries (European overview) and case studies including a price comparison in 25 hospitals in five countries (Austria, Norway, the Netherland, Portugal, Slovakia). More information on the project as well as the download of the report can be obtained from the PHIS website.
  • Commissioned by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health, GÖG/ÖBIG provides an overview of the key instruments of rational use of medicines in the 27 EU Member States and a description of tools and approaches for promoting a more rational use of medicines in five selected countries (Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands). The full report Rationale Arzneimitteltherapie in Europa is available in German language; an executive summary Rational Use of Medicines in Europe was compiled in English.
  • On behalf of HAI (Health Action International) Europe, ÖBIG analysed the access to essential medicines in Romania.
  • In 2009 the GÖG/ÖBIG report Factsheet Croatia (only available in German) describes the pharmaceutical system (market authorisation, pricing, reimbursement and distribution of medicines) in Croatia.
  • On behalf of HAI (Health Action International) Europe, ÖBIG analysed the access to essential medicines in Portugal and in Poland in 2009. The reports are also available in Portuguese and in Polish.
  • On behalf of ESIP (European Social Insurance Platform), the Main Association of Austrian Social Health Insurance Institutions commissioned the Austrian based research institute, ÖBIG FP to conduct a study on "Tendering of pharmaceuticals in Europe". The study was published in June 2008 and can be downloaded here.
  • In 2008 the Pharma-team at GÖG/ÖBIG analysed the pharmaceutical system in Denmark in comparison to Austria. Speical focus was given on best-practice volume-control mechanims. The report Steuerung des Arzneimittelverbrauches am Beispiel Dänemark is available for download only in German.
  • ÖBIG analysed reference price systems across Europe. Based on the lessons learned from the other countries, the authors have specified prerequisites and criteria in case of the introduction of a reference price system in Austria as well as calculated possible savings due to this tool. Download the study Referenzpreise in Europa. Analyse und Umsetzungsvoraussetzungen für Österreich, February 2008 .
    The Executive Summary of the report is also available in English!
    The report is also available in a print version for a print charge of € 30. For ordering we politely ask you to contact Ms. Misar (, Tel: +43 1 51561-126).
  • In the study Arzneimittelsysteme in Bulgarien und Rumänien (May 2008, only available in German) ÖBIG made a survey of the pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement systems in the two new Member States Bulgaria and Romania.
  • The study Surveying, Assessing and Analysing the Pharmaceutical Sector in the 25 Member States (2006, available in English) can be downloaded from the website of the European Commission, DG Competition.
  • The report Interface management in the pharmaceutical sector (2006, only available in German) analyses the pharmaceutical sector, with a focus on the in-patient sector, as well as the co-operation between the in-patient and the out-patient sector of both Austria and the Netherlands.
  • The report Community Pharmacy in Europe. Lessons from deregulation – case studies (2006, available in English) surveyed and analysed possible effects of deregulation in the pharmacy sector, with a special focus on the accessibility to, the quality of, and the expenditure of pharmacy services. Performance indicators of pharmacy services were developed, analysed and ranked, based on data gathered in selected European countries.
  • The report Pharmaceutical systems in the new EU Member States (2005, also available in German) offers information on the health care and pharmaceutical (reimbursement, pricing, distribution) systems in the new Member States of the enlarged European Union which acceded in 2004
  • In the publication International Comparison of Pharmaceutical Prices. A Meta-Analysis (2004, only available in German) ÖBIG analysed the outcome of comparisons of pharmaceutical prices in several countries.
  • An assessment of Austrian vaccination programs including a cost-benefit analysis of measles vaccination was undertaken in the study Vaccinations. Economic evaluation (2003, only available in German).
  • The study Pharmaceuticals. Distribution in the Nordic Countries (2003, list of content only available in German) offers three detailed country profiles (Denmark, Finland, Sweden) on the distribution systems of pharmaceuticals, an analysis of key differences in pharmaceutical distribution compared to Austria and a comparison of pharmaceutical prices.
  • In the report Benchmarking. Pharmaceutical Expenditure and Cost-Containment (2001, also available in German) ÖBIG surveys cost-containment measures for pharmaceuticals in Europe and asseses their effects.
  • The publication Apothekenleistungen im europäischen Vergleich (2000, executive summary available only in German) offers a survey of pharmaceutical services in five countries and a benchmarking of the performance of pharmacies.
  • The report E-Pharma: Distribution of pharmaceuticals over the Internet (2000, executive summary available only in German) gives insight in the distribution channels and possible risks based on empirical experience.
  • For the first time in Austria, the relevance of generics in Austria, compared with Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, was assessed. Furthermore, the study Generics (2000, only available in German) specified potential savings resulting from an in-creased use of generics in Austria.